The following is a selected discography of recordings consulted during the research for this thesis. For more complete discographical information, see the “Notes” section below.

Soultrane (1957) Prestige P-7142; OJCCD-021-2

Blue Train (1957) Blue Note CDP-7243 8 53428 0 6
Enhanced multimedia CD-ROM

Giant Steps (1959) Atlantic 1311-2

My Favorite Things (1960) Atlantic 1361-2

Coltrane’s Sound (1960) Atlantic 1419-2

“Live” at the Village Vanguard (1961) Impulse! MCAD-39136

Newport ’63 (1963) Impulse! GRD-128

Afro Blue Impressions (2 discs; 1963) Pablo VICJ-40040

Africa/Brass (1961) Impulse! MCAD-42001

Coltrane (1963) Impulse! MCAD-5883

Crescent (1964) Impulse! IMPD-200

A Love Supreme (1964) Impulse! GRD-155

Transition (1965) Impulse! GRD-124

New Thing at Newport (with Archie Shepp) (1965) Impulse! GRD-105

Sun Ship Impulse! IMPD-167

Live in Seattle (2 discs; 1965) Impulse! GRD-2-146

The Major Works of John Coltrane (2 discs, 1965) Impulse! GRD-2-113 (Contains “Ascension [Editions I & II],” “Om,” “Kulu Se Mama,” and “Selflessness.”)

Meditations (1965) Impulse! MCAD-39139

Live at the Village Vanguard Again! (1966) Impulse! IMPD-213

Live in Japan (4 discs; 1966) Impulse! GRD-4-102

Interstellar Space (1967) Impulse! GRD-110

Expression (1967) Impulse! GRD-131

Stellar Regions (1967; first release 1995) Impulse! IMPD-169

The Classic Quartet — Complete Impulse! Studio Recordings (8 discs; 1961-1965; compilation 1998) Impulse! IMPD8-280


Many of the Impulse! recordings have been released in as many as three or more compact disc editions by MCA, GRP, and Verve. See the Verve Music Group website for more information.

for a more extensive discography, please see the following:

Fujioka, Yasuhiro with Porter, Lewis and Hamada, Yoh-Ichi. John Coltrane: A Discography and Musical Biography. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1995.

Ruhlmann, William. “Going to Extremes: John Coltrane on Record.” Goldmine 23 June 1995: 18-38, 136-152